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Veteran short story author and Shirley Jackson Award cofounder Cox (coeditor of Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic) brings sly humor and a tone that’s nostalgic, quintessentially American, and unfailingly uncanny to this haunting and excellent first collection of 25 reprints and two new stories . . . Cox is a master of subtle, understated chills that lurk just behind the familiar, and each story conveys a solid sense of history and place. Readers who enjoy literary speculative fiction (with shades of Flannery O’Connor and, of course, Shirley Jackson) will find much to love: there’s not a disappointing tale in the bunch.

 Publisher's Weekly, starred review of The End of All Our Exploring

"Like a fine vintage wine, Brett Cox’s career has been slowly ripening, almost subliminally, for some time now, a vault-ensconced treasure that we handle and inspect at intervals, as if turning a precious stored bottle to prevent sedimentation, always anticipating the day when the long season’s whole batch is ready to be presented for the connoisseurs....And the wait was undeniably worth it."

— Paul Di Fillipo, Locus Magazine

"Whether investigating a dusty corner of weird Americana or telling a contemporary tale reminiscent of "The Twilight Zone," Cox artfully adapts his style to the subject. This motley yet not ungainly collection offers the consistent pleasure of surprise..."  Margot Harrison, Seven Days

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