DickHeads Podcast #42: F. Brett Cox on Roger Zelazny’s collaboration with Philip K. Dick

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"...We're taking a look at Deus Irae, a joint effort between PKD and Roger Zelazny. We've even brought in a Zelazny expert, F. Brett Cox, to help fill in the gaps in our Zelazny knowledge, of which there are many. So join us in the mutant-filled post-Smash world and find out if the God of Wrath is the right god for you."


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VermontCam: Strange as Night, Dark as Fiction with F. Brett Cox

Brett reads from his collection, and adds a couple of poems. Click on the photo below to watch.


Readercon, July 12, 2018

The Serpent and the Hatchet Gang

Black Static, Number 2, December 2007

Reprinted in Creatures!  Thirty Years of Monsters, edited by John Langan and Paul Tremblay, Prime Books, 2011