“Even in tales that feel borderline mainstream, F. Brett Cox slips in elements of the uncanny or the macabre that make the mind run hot and the blood flow cold. The End of All Our Exploring merits not just exploration, but focused scrutiny of its every vivid foray into American places, history, culture, childhoods, literature, music, psychic phenomena, and a host of other national obsessions. This brave collection unlocks them all. And rocks doing it.”

       —Michael Bishop, author of The Sacerdotal Owl and Three Other Long Tales

The End of All Our Exploring jacket.jpg

The End of All Our Exploring

(Fairwood Press, 2018)

The stories in F. Brett Cox’s debut collection move through multiple genres and many times and places, from the monsters of the 19th century to the future fields of war, from New England to the South to the American West, from the strange house at the top of the hill to the bottom of your childhood swimming pool. But whatever the time and place, and whether utterly fantastic or all too real, all of these remarkable fictions pose the fundamental question: what’s next?  The End of All Our Exploring features 27 stories, and it also includes Cox’s unique historical notes.